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Hi all,

this is the first official development log for OX, alias Ocaml XMPP, a XMPP library (client only, for now at least) for the Objective Caml language in order to connect to and do various things with XMPP servers (also informally known as Jabber. XMPP is the Instant Messaging IETF standard*, used among others by Google, LiveJournal, Facebook (though this service is closed on itself), the well-known BBC radio, or even in-game (and out-game!) chat like in EveOnline, or the Quake Live gaming platform… And so many others!).

According to my own repository, the first code ever written was in 11th of July of 2008! But after some code which led only to a basic example (it was simply connecting in TLS + PLAIN), I left the project on the side, using my time for other parts of my life… until this very month!

I have indeed now been back on the horse for about the last 2 weeks! A lot of rewriting of the bases, plus a few additional features (like SASL SCRAM for authentication, I’ll talk about this soon!) has been done in these few weeks.

Don’t try to download the code yet if you are looking for a ready-to-use library. It is still ugly and not really usable in a real (even small) project, as I am in heavy work of putting everything up to date with a solid interface. It won’t get you anywhere right now.

I hope to be able to provide the version 0.1, the first official release very soon (hopefully in less than a month).
Until then, stay up to date!

* one would say, the IETF has actually 2 standards for Instant Messaging and Media over IP: XMPP and SIP. Work is in progress to make them interoperable.

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